Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Watercolour commission - portrait of Muffin

16" x 12"

I have noticed that when I receive a commission to paint one breed of dog,  often  there is another for the same breed.   At the moment I seem to be going through a Spaniel phase.

This portrait is of Muffin who was commissioned as a surprise birthday present.

 Initial watercolour wash, laid over the detailed pencil drawing.  Areas that I want to remain white are masked at the drawing stage.

Here I begin to put the detail into the eyes and nose.  Gradually adding further dark's into area's of her coat.

Much of the detail has been added now, but further definition is needed.  I have to keep in mind, not to overwork it and keep stepping back, because it is easy at this stage to get carried away.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Spaniel graphite drawing

It was one of those few hot days earlier in the summer when I took the photograph for this pencil sketch.  Normally, I would prefer not to have an open panting mouth, but the pose and the expression were so appealing I couldn't resist.