Saturday, 13 October 2012

Three Jack Russell's - Planning an Oil painting

There is a lot of groundwork that goes into producing a painting, long before the paint even touches the canvas/paper.  

This painting is in oil,  for three Jack Russell's in their favourite position on the steps of their home.

They were very lively with huge personalities, so it proved impossible to capture all three together in an ideal pose.

Admittedly,  I  am not the best photographer in the world, but with today's technology I was able to take over 150 photo's, (the beauty of a digital camera).  Some were on the steps, some indoors, some together and some not.  There were several great pictures of each dog individually, I chose the poses that I thought worked well together and represented their best features, and drew some thumbnail working sketches to see which composition worked best, and which I would use for the painting.

Saturday, 6 October 2012


Here are some photo's showing the painting stages of "Hetty" a very cute and lively Jack Russell.  Hetty's owners placed the winning bid for a "hand painted pet portrait" at a Charity auction.  After a chat on the phone, I took lots and lots of photo's and they chose this one to have painted.   I have been  remiss in updating my blog as this painting was finished in August.

"Hetty" 16"x12" Watercolour Copyright Marion Simkins 2012

First glaze of shadow areas, helping with recession

Initial layer of fur, keeping the tone light as several layers will be added

One ear completed and a little more work on the nose

First wash on collar and fur shadows added

More detail on the side of face, further layers on the collar

More definition on the collar

"Hetty"- Watercolour 16"x"12 Copyright Marion Simkins 2012