Saturday, 19 July 2014

Rocky & Butch, Watercolour

 "Rocky & Butch" were commissioned commissioned as a special 70th birthday present.
Normally, when I photograph pets for a commission, I take lots and lots of photos, zooming in on the details, so I have plenty of images to refer to once the painting is underway.
Rocky & Butch were alive in the 1970's, and subsequently the photo's I had to work with were quite challenging, some being 3" square.
Fortunately, with helpful input from my client regarding colouring and characteristics I was able to create these portraits.
I hope you like them.


Monday, 14 July 2014

Butch & Rocky

I'm afraid I am a little behind in updating my blog lately, but shall be posting all my latest paintings shortly, (I have posted on facebook if you want to have a look on there first).  In the meantime, these are the first "painting in progress" photos of two labradors, Butch & Rocky. 



Pencil drawing

Shading in watercolour

First glazes added