Thursday, 4 September 2014

Painting in progress and charcoal & chalk study

This is the second of the "painting in progress" photos which I took with my Ipad, so I apologize if the quality is poor. I made a tonal charcoal sketch first, which I find really helps me with the painting, as the shadow patterns in the face have all been worked out beforehand. t was drawn on sugar paper, the kind they have in school, fine for rough sketches, but not ideal as it is quite unforgiving and doesn't like too many adjustments.
Note to self - next time, make life easier and use the proper paper!

Charcoal & chalk study for main painting

Drawing completed and first washes laid in


I have two "painting in progress" photos to show you. This first one is a commission of Poppy, a lovely elderly golden lab, enjoying the sun in her garden. As the client wanted the painting to show Poppy, as she often is, relaxing at home, I have unusually for me, included a background, fading it out slightly at the edges. Don't want to take the limelight away from Poppy!
I will be posting another picture of this painting soon.