Monday, 27 July 2015

Henry - a very gentle border collie

"Henry" Watercolour on Arches paper 16"x12" Copyright Marion Simkins

Shaun, working police dog Alsatian

I painted this portrait of Shaun from a black and white photograph.  Usually I use charcoal and pencil for a monochrome picture,  but decided in this instance that watercolour would make a better medium.  Sadly, Shaun passed away many years ago, but he was a working police dog.  The portrait was a surprise birthday present from the recipient's family.

Shaun, 12"x14" watercolour on Arches paper copyright Marion Simkins

"Dad had some lovely presents, but of course we saved the dog portrait until last.  He, and everyone else thought that it was really beautiful.  I guess your ears might have been burning at that moment!. The portrait was passed around for all to see, and then I showed everyone the actual photograph that you worked from.  It is quite uncanny, the likeness so perfect.  You are such a talented artist.  He is thrilled with it, and we plan to go out sometime together to select a suitable frame for it.  Then it will hang proudly in his home.  Dad was a little overcome with emotion at one point, but after a few minutes he recovered himself, and everything was fine again."

Dixie - 18 month old Spaniel

Meet Dixie, an 18 month old spaniel who looks incredibly regal, with the most hypnotic eyes!  Her portrait was also a special birthday present but not a surprise.  Although I love surprises, it was great to be able to discuss all the various options and to hopefully arrive at a decision for the portrait that is exactly what the recipient had in mind.

Watercolour on Arches paper 18" x 14" Copyright Marion Simkins

"Hi Marion,
   The watercolour has arrived! It’s AMAZING!!!   I Absolutely love it, you are amazing….thank you so    much for taking on the portrait, I can’t wait to frame and hang it.  My Mum and me both welled up when we saw it.  I’ve already got another project in mind for you… parents, boyfriend and me have 8 dogs between us so plenty to choose from!!!!!!! Her eyes are the most captivating part of the painting, they look so real, like I’m actually looking at her in real life.  You are a true talent, thank you so much….

"Pepper" the Airedale

Pepper was commissioned as a very special birthday present.  She was the perfect model, posing beautifully to have her photograph taken.

The finished portrait was painted in watercolour.