Monday, 29 February 2016


This was such a fantastic photo to paint from.  I left out the background to keep the focus on the two sisters, and their close bond.

work in progress with original photo

Completed painting

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Precious moments

Before we know it our children are all grown up! This precious moment, painted in watercolour of a father taking his daughters to school will hopefully be a wonderful memory.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Wedding at Rayleigh Windmill

A romantic post for Valentines day. I was asked to paint Rayleigh Windmill before Christmas as a first Wedding Anniversary present which is paper. My client was married at the windmill on 24th Dec 2014 and had seen a painting I did of the windmill a few years ago. The photo he wanted was of them on their wedding day standing with their wedding car in front of the windmill. With so much detail, sadly there just wasn't enough time. The perfect solution was to have a beautifully gift boxed gift certificate to give her on the day, they went away on holiday in January and when they returned they were able to collect the finished painting. Perfect!
Happy Valentines Day.

Archie & Lily

Archie & Lily 56x46cm Watercolour on paper

It was at the end of July last year when I was first asked to paint Archie & Lily, two Border Terrier's as a surprise for the wife of my client, whose birthday was in November. A lot of work went into the planning of the composition as it proved impossible to obtain one perfect photo in the positions my client preferred. By using many photos of Archie & Lily in different poses and expressions, I was able to sketch them appearing together, Archie standing and Lily seated as requested and when my client was satisfied, I started work on the painting. It was a quite large 22"x18" full body portrait so took some time to complete. I have since heard that my client's wife was thrilled with the portrait and is having a print made of the painting as well. Which is wonderful news and incredibly satisfying.

Ralph the Border Terrier

Ralph - watercolour on paper/pencil remarques copyright Marion Simkins