Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Jasper - the energetic black lab

As previously mentioned, due to my first grandchild arriving in September, I have had a little break from portraits.  A couple of weeks ago I met a beautiful incredibly energetic 5 year old black lab named Jasper.  I must have taken over 100 photos and still couldn't capture him looking regal with his tongue in.  He was so lively he wouldn't sit still for a minute despite all the usual bribes of treats and toys, it didn't help that there were plenty of fallen apples lying in his garden...........a blurred photo with a waggy tail, tongue hanging out and lots of slobber, now that I can do.
We have another photo session due, so if you have any helpful tips please let me know!

Jasper's portrait will be appearing in the New Year now after the secret Christmas commissions.

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